How we can help

Global Trends Investments offers cutting-edge asset management, with a focus on retirement planning, wealth building, and investing strategy.

The first step is always to meet with you to assess your goals, accounts, expectations and risk tolerance. From there we create and implement a disciplined strategy. In today’s market, buying and holding investments for the long haul no longer works. Generating returns and protecting principal requires a different approach. So we monitor your investments daily, and make updates as needed to keep your plan on track.

Our unique, ETF-based approach is what allows us to do this. Since we can easily buy and sell these funds, we can work quickly to stay on top of changing trends, with the goal of minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns. (Read more about ETFs at GTI.)

Portfolio building

Many of our clients have more than one investment account. Often, our clients work on how to allocate their money across accounts with the help of an estate- or tax-planning attorney. But you may need help managing the investments once the accounts are set up. We can step in to help you invest assets via any of the following accounts:

Traditional and Roth IRAs

401(k)s for Business Owners

Investments In Trust

Taxable Investment Accounts

Remote planning you can lean into

We don't just follow trends in the market, we put them to work in our practice. We went digital long before the world caught up in 2020. All of our offerings can be done remotely, with virtual get-to-know-you meetings and contact-free planning sessions. This allows us to keep an open-door policy no matter where you are in the world. 

We've designed our systems to be secure and our team communicates effectively at any distance. Because remote communication shouldn't feel remote.

A focus on investments

Many advisors focus on being jacks of all trades — from managing your budget to planning your estate. At Global Trends Investments, we focus on the area where we excel: investing your money to follow global trends. 

Our investment-only approach helps give clients peace of mind about their portfolio. Plus, GTI is a fiduciary, meaning we always put your finances ahead of our own.